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  1. Food Security in the Horn of Africa: The Implications of a Drier, Hotter and More Crowded Future

    Release Date: November 2011 Nearly 44 per cent of the population in the Horn of Africa is already subject to extreme food shortages. What will happen if the population continues to grow and climate...
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  2. Gestion de la Diversité des Cultures, Pratiques clés pour les praticiens de la RRC

    FAO-COOPI-OCHA-UNHABITAT/SAIO/2014. This technical brief explores the management of crop diversity by small-scale farmers in southern Africa. Its objective is to guide DRR practitioners through some...
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  3. Escolas de Campo para Agricultores Práticas Fundamentais para Implementadores de RCC

    FAO-COOPI-OCHA-UNHABITAT/SAIO/2014. This booklet provides an overview of the FFS approach and considerations for FFS implementation, and relates FFS experiences in Africa and the southern Africa...
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