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Nicole Andrianirina uploaded a new Document 15 November 2017

The use of climate information - when available - is still often not within the reach of technical services, nor to farmers planning their agricultural and livestock activities.

Angus Graham uploaded a new Document 23 June 2017

Understanding and integrating gender issues into livestock projects and programmes.

Francesca Mancini uploaded a new Document 3 May 2016

Agriculture is central to human well-being and sustainable development. However, essentially every statement on the future of agriculture acknowledges that a transformation is needed in the way the sector is conducted.

Rosalba Vendemia uploaded a new Document 4 June 2018

FAO-COOPI-OCHA-UNHABITAT/SAIO/2014.This booklet provides an overview of the FFS approach and considerations for FFS implementation, and relates FFS experiences in Africa and the southern Africa region.

Suman Chowdhury Mony uploaded a new Document 25 August 2017

When the farmers produce the huge number of crops, vegetable, fruits, etc. they can’t preserve these specially the products get rotten. So, either those products are destroyed or rotten or the farmers sell those products to the middle man in a very low price at that time.

Patricia Rodriguez Fortun uploaded a new Document 13 December 2018

As part of the sugar reform, the EU has agreed to help affected countries adapt to the new situation, by supporting sugar adaptation strategies prepared by the governments concerned.

Rosalba Vendemia uploaded a new Document 4 June 2018

FAO-COOPI-OCHA-UNHABITAT/SAIO/2014. This brief provides practical guidelines on storage practices and methodologies to assist southern African farmers prone to natural hazards, mainly cyclones, droughts and floods.

Angus Graham uploaded a new Document 23 June 2017

Developing gender-sensitive value chains: A guiding framework.

Food and agriculture organization of the united nations (FAO), Rome, 2016.

ISBN 978-92-5-109546-1

Tayo Alabi uploaded a new Document 22 February 2019

Seeds are perhaps the most important input of any crop production system and that the seed stock grown by farmers in South Sudan are lacking in quality and not necessarily the most improved.