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Helene Quentrec posted Information 20 June 2018

The EC-funded "Food Security Thematic Programme (FSTP)" has been implemented in Madagascar between 2012 - 2017. The seven projects carried out introduced innovative approaches to contribute to food security and nutrition improvements within the rural communities.

Lia Beyeler posted Information 5 April 2018

New paper in the SWAC/OECD West African Papers series: 

Madeleine ONCLIN uploaded a new Document 15 June 2018

This note aims to share key lessons learned from the experience of EU support to nutrition and serves the purpose to inform the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of similar actions in the future.

Zena Mouawad uploaded a new Document 1 February 2019

From a humanitarian perspective, contributing to inclusive Social protection systems, can (i) increase resilience of poorest households thereby lessening the impacts of shocks and the need for humanitarian assistance, (ii) allow for their scaling-up to respond to shocks and crises more quickly, (

Farah Abou Merhi uploaded a new Document 18 April 2018

The synopsis report on large-scale food fortification as published by the Micronutrient Forum last year

Farah Abou Merhi created a new WIKI page 26 February 2018
This week, we would like to share with you an online resource that is the only reading we consider as essential pre-reading for our discussions on Day 2.
Farah Abou Merhi created a new WIKI page 7 March 2018

This week, we would like to share with you some pre-reading for Day 3 of the Seminar, Wednesday 21 March: 

We have two background papers for you: 

Kiswendsida Noëlie KOURAOGO uploaded a new Document 30 April 2018

Ce projet est mis en œuvre par quatre (04) partenaires composés d’Action contre la Faim – GRET – HELVETAS - Tin Tua avec la participation active des autorités communales de même que les services techniques déconcentrés de l’Etat.

Farah Abou Merhi uploaded a new Document 18 April 2018

A paper in the Food & Nutrition Bulletin on the nutritional deficiencies of unfortified complementary feeding diets (in press)