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Amouzou Bedi uploaded a new Document 20 October 2014

This paper examines the institutional and political constraints that
inhibit multilateral and bilateral donor agencies supporting poverty reduction
initiatives on the ground. These include the constraints related to their own structures

Xavier Le Mounier uploaded a new Document 9 February 2011

Policy Steering: The roll and use of performance measurement indicators (ENGLISH). This document was prepared by consultants Pascal Delorme and Olivier Chatelain under the ADM programme and funded by the European Commission. Published: 2011.

Capacity4dev Team uploaded a new Document 17 February 2015

This study was commissioned by the Evaluation Unit under the Programme “Methodological Support and Training for Project and Programme Management” managed by the Quality and Results Unit, Directorate General for Development and Cooperation – EuropeAid (European Commission).

Leon Hemkemeyer uploaded a new Document 3 July 2019

This two-pager gives an overview of how the European Partnership for Democracy, a Brussels-based network of European democracy support organisations, proposes to strengthen the link between budget support provision and support to democratic institutions in a given country.

Capacity4dev Team uploaded a new Document 19 February 2015

Presentation delivered at the Workshop on Evaluation of Budget Support which took place in Brussels on 8-9 July 2014.