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  1. G 3M S (Garifuna Maloya Marron Moutia Sega)

    G 3M S -Garifuna Maloya Marron Moutia Sega- Le projet G3MS s’inscrit dans la continuité du projet GMM (Garifuna, Maloya, Marron), partenariat musical de développement, de création et de promotion qui a réuni pour la première fois des artistes de la Caraïbe et de l’Océan Indien dans une...
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    Ongoing project owned by marc lints 29 January 2015

    The GUIA Project ( http://www.alfaguia.org ) is a referent for Institutions and people committed with reducing student dropout from HE
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    The aim of this evaluation project is to share evaluation experiences within Latin-American public administrations by providing peer to peer technical assistances that enable knowledge-sharing among institutions, ultimately strengthening decision-making processes in specific programs or public...
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  4. Understanding mountain soils: a contribution from mountain areas to the International Year of Soils 2015

    This publication , produced by the FAO, the Mountain Partnership Secretariat, the Global Soil Partnership and the University of Turin as a contribution to the International Year of Soils 2015, presents the main features of mountain soil systems, their environmental, economic and social values, the...
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