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From12 March 2012
in Bruxelles (Belgium)

Decentralisation Seminar March 2012

The Seminar will be the occasion to present the findings, results and recommendations of the Evaluation of EC support to decentralisation processes in partners' countries. 

From14 February 2013
in The Hague (Netherlands)
Organised byInternational Federation for Housing and Planning

The Hague Housing Conference is a think tank to share ideas, network and
cross-fertilize with global housing experts. The Housing Challenge –
Quantity AND Quality. Rediscovering Housing Possibilities: Could less be
more? In 2013 IFHP celebrates 100 years of operations. In determining our
content focus for the Centenary year and beyond, IFHP has identified
‘housing’ as a major theme, as it is once again, due to the financial
crisis and other major developments in society, a major, long-term theme
involving a multitude of issues. There is a need for a new thinking about
present and future housing policy and its implementation. The major activity
in IFHP’s Centenary calendar concerning the housing theme is The Hague
Housing Conference. The intention is that this will be the first in a series
of annual conferences in The Hague which will bring together policy makers,
practitioners and researchers in the field of housing to share and compare
practical experience, ideas and knowledge in the search for solutions for
shared issues and problems.