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Capacity4dev Team uploaded a new Document 11 June 2014

3045 Km² de Nature Sauvage Africaine Intacte dans le Sud-Est du Tchad

David Young uploaded a new Document 7 April 2014

The Civil Society Independent Forest Monitoring (CS-IFM) team in Liberia have produced a colourful short booklet to assist in explaining how VPAs work, the key terms and processes, and the contribution communities can make to ensuring forest law enforcement, governance, and legal trade.

Valerie de Liedekerke uploaded a new Document 7 February 2014

The current report outlines the evaluation and revision of the Sabah Timber Legality Assessment System (TLAS) requirements carried out as part of the project managed by WWF Malaysia: Advancing a legal and sustainable global timber trade through the EU FLEGT

Raymond Lataste uploaded a new Document 13 December 2013

This report from JRC presents a farm household model for use in the context of developing countries to gain knowledge on food security and rural poverty alleviation under different economic conditions and agri-food policy options.

Alba Riobó Souto uploaded a new Document 21 October 2013

Executive summary available in English

Kelly Pouliadou uploaded a new Document 10 January 2014
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Jon-Andreas Solberg uploaded a new Document 3 March 2014
Jorge Rodriguez Bilbao uploaded a new Document 3 February 2014

DECENTRALISATION & LOCAL GOVERNANCE IN ANGLOPHONE AND LUSOPHONE AFRICA – Exploring relevant EU response strategies in a rapidly evolving African and international environment