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Livia Raccanello uploaded a new Document 21 January 2013
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Titres forestiers concernés: Garantie d’Approvisionnement N° 018/03, 002/93, 033/05, 091/03, 034/04, 011/03, 035/05, 025/04, 002/89, 023/03.

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Dans le cadre de son travail pour promouvoir la prise en compte de la prévention de la nutrition dans les interventions sur la sécurité alimentaire et les moyens d’existence, ACF a produit une série d’études de cas courts et pratiques basées sur des expériences récentes.

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This article (in German) describes the implementation of a DDS in practical ways in a company and how the FSC certification system can help to implement each step. A flow chart shows a step by step how to go about when an operator plans to order timber products.

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This report is created by JPIK an Independent Forest Monitoring Network in Indonesia .

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This paper suggests that current practice be combined with a more targeted, punitive approach, through more effective use of the criminal justice system.

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A guide to monitoring technologies, governance and institutional frameworks

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Abstract: This paper outlines the opportunities and challenges, which have guided the United Nations Global Pulse initiative since its inception in 2009.