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  1. "Changing Women's Lives in the rural World" - joint EU, Germany, Finland and Netherlands panel at the 2018 EDDs to discuss gender tranformative approaches in rural areas

    A dynamic line-up of speakers were to be found on the panel Changing women’s lives in a rural world that was hosted by DEVCO’s C1 at the EU DevDays this year . Opened by Anne Meskanen, Finland’s Ambassador-at-Large for Gender Equality, the panel represented a rich array of voices from around the...
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  2. Histoire d’une piroguière du Rwanda

    La Plateforme des A utorités Locales des Pays des Grands Lacs réunissant des Maires de villes proches du lac Kivu, a organisé, dans le cadre de son programme « Vivre ensemble » une course des pirogues rassemblant les pêcheurs du Rwanda et de la R. D. Congo à Bukavu, le 16 décembre 2017. Les équipes...
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  3. How to promote gender equality with shock-responsive social protection programmes?

    We caught up with Rebecca Holmes, Senior Research Fellow for Social Protection, Gender and Livelihoods at Overseas Development Institute (ODI), to find out more: What, in your opinion, is the biggest challenge in designing and implementing shock-responsive social protection systems to support...
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  4. Fighting inequality with education

    The latest Eurobarometer survey shows that European support for developing countries remains strong – The majority of Europeans (89%) think that it is important to help developing countries. According to the survey, European citizens see peace and security (37%), and education (35%) as the most...
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