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  1. Political Economy in Practice

    A group to discuss and support the pragmatic and gradual introduction of a "political economy" approach in EC Development Cooperation.
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  2. New Guidelines for Sustainable Urban Development Cooperation

    With more than half of the world’s population now living in cities, experts agree that the continuing trend towards urbanisation is both inevitable and irreversible. New EC guidelines propose a fresh mindset to assist the development of better cities.
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  3. Myanmar Economy

    The donor community is about to descend upon Myanmar. We should discuss what could be done differently, better - not just "business as usual".
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  4. A Lesson in Public Sector Reform from Haiti

    The European Commission's experience in Haiti in support of a government-wide strengthening of the executive branch provides an encouraging example of government-driven donor co-ordination and an imaginative approach to capacity development and technical co-operation in a fragile or post-...
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  5. A Path for Many Small Steps Forward

    The Vietnamese government wants to include capacity development in their socio-economic planning. But what does that mean? Nils Boesen, who facilitated a recent in-country event, reports.
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  6. Good Public Services Depend on Strong Demand

    For Antoine Sawadogo, President of Citizenship Laboratory and former Ministry of Territorial Administration in Burkina Faso, building the capacity of local actors is a prerequisite for successful decentralisation in West Africa. It also implies enhancing users' capacity to formulate demand for...
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