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  1. Ecosystem-based approaches to DRR and CCA

    Wetlands International promotes the ecosystem based approach to DRR/CCA and encourages its mainstreaming and integration into development policies
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    Public group owned by Wetlands 21 September 2016
  2. Why are wetlands so important for waterbirds and people?

    Why are wetlands so important for waterbirds and people? In order to ensure the survival of millions of waterbirds migrating between Europe and Africa every year, and sustain the health of local communities, we are identifying and protecting a critical network of wetlands that are increasingly...
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  3. The EU Delegation in DRC and CIFOR officially launched a new 27-million Euros project at the Yangambi Biosphere Reserve.

    On 7 and 8 March, the Head of EU Delegation in DRC and the Deputy Director General of the International Centre for Forestry Research (CIFOR) participated in the launching ceremony of the new FORETS project ( "Forêt, Recherche, Environnement dans la TShopo" ), which is one of the five site-based...
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  4. Tigris-Euphrates/Shatt al Arab 245

    BASIM Total Basin Area_km Name Area_km Tigris-Euphrates/Shatt al Arab 245 788795 Country Country COUNTRY Area_km Percentage 155251 20 Iran 319440 40 Iraq 2006 0 Jordan 85 0 Saudi Arabia 116306 15 Syria 195707 25 Turkey Basin Nature Basin Basin-Human Rights_km 3 Rights_km 3 Population Rights_km 3...
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