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Michaël POTAR started a Debate 27 September 2018

The interview below was done by the Evaluation Support Service (ESS), a service to Unit 04 Results, Evaluation and Business Processes, of DG DEVCO. It addresses the critical question of the role of evaluations in generating knowledge on Aid, and helping the institution to learn from its

Veronique Lena posted Information 26 February 2018

The overall scenario for testing and the online questionnaire can be found following this link:

You can carry out the test at any moment during this period.

Michaël POTAR started a Debate 13 June 2017

Are you familiar with Reference Groups? Do you use them in your evaluations? Do they participate in the Knowledge managemement and dissemination of your evaluation findings and recommendations. Do they facilitate the sharing and learning process with stakeholders?

Gaurav Singh posted Information 8 September 2017
Group: ICT4DEV

 The Ultimate Guide to Effective Data Collection

Arnaud de Vanssay posted Information 25 August 2014

Please see attached the final report the DFID 'What Works review' , and here is the link to interesting

Teresa Kerber posted Information 1 April 2017

Are you faced with the task of balancing interests of different members in your sector network or community? Are you confronted with the challenge to fill a sector network or a working group with life? Organizations need to adapt to the pace of change and innovation is a strategic priority.

Zena Mouawad posted Information 11 May 2018

DEVCO has launched an online platform bringing together a broad set of e-learning courses, videos, webinars and manuals, developed in cooperation with partners.

What is DEVCO Academy?

Javier Burgos posted Information 1 February 2018

The Support Team publishes a newsletter about latest developments of SPHIP projects every two months.

Stay updated!


Gaurav Singh posted Information 8 September 2017

 The Ultimate Guide to Effective Data Collection