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Michaël POTAR started a Debate 27 September 2018

The interview below was done by the Evaluation Support Service (ESS), a service to Unit 04 Results, Evaluation and Business Processes, of DG DEVCO. It addresses the critical question of the role of evaluations in generating knowledge on Aid, and helping the institution to learn from its

Alina Orrico uploaded a new Document 13 September 2018


Mantovan Alessandra uploaded a new Document 7 June 2019

Impact, diffusion and scaling-up of a comprehensive land-use planning approach in the Philippines    

Leppert,Gerald; Hohfeld, Lena ;  Lech, Malte; Wencker,Thomas    

DEval, German Institute for development evaluation;    2018

Mantovan Alessandra uploaded a new Document 7 June 2019

Improving International Development Evaluation through Geospatial Data and Analysis     

Lech, Malte;  Juha Ilari Uitto; Harten, Sven;  Batra, Geeta;   Anand, Anupam;     

Alfred NKODIA uploaded a new Document 29 March 2018

Du 24 septembre au 10 octobre 2017, une équipe de l’Observateur Indépendant a effectué une mission indépendante dans le département de la Sangha, pour les Unités Forestières d’Aménagement (UFA) Ngombé, Tala-Tala et Karagoua attribuées respectivement aux sociétés IFO, SIFCO et SEFYD.

Evaluation Unit DEVCO created a new WIKI page 27 January 2015

Esta sección está estructurada de la siguiente manera:

Federica Rossetti uploaded a new Document 9 August 2018

Le programme de Certification des facilitateurs et facilitatrices d'audit de genre du BIT peut vous aider à acquérir des compétences reconnues internationalement.

SPaN Group Administrators uploaded a new Document 29 October 2018

These slides presentation offers an overview of  findings from the Innocenti and Transfer Project. The presentation was conducted on 24 October 2018. 

This presentation includes: 

Michaël POTAR uploaded a new Document 12 October 2018

In the context of improving and updating the quality of our evaluations, a joint DEVCO-NEAR-FPI working group has developed a guidance note on “Evaluation with Gender as a Cross-Cutting Dimension”.

Evaluation Unit DEVCO uploaded a new Document 12 October 2018

The quality of the final report and executive summary are assessed by the evaluation manager on the basis of this quality assessment grid (QAG). Note that this document must be completed directly in the EVAL module only.