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Faith Doherty uploaded a new Document 2 December 2014

This report is created by JPIK an Independent Forest Monitoring Network in Indonesia .

David SANMIGUEL uploaded a new Document 3 September 2012

The proposed  case study is the programme “Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade (FLEGT)” a EU-led global initiative to fight illegal logging in developing countries.

Alessio Lupi uploaded a new Document 1 August 2018

RESEARCH QUESTION: 4- Innovative approaches to enhance livelihoods, equity and inclusion of people
dependent on the informal economy

SUB-TOPIC (Research matrix): Strengthening IE with attention to youth and children (4.7)

Andy Benfield uploaded a new Document 26 October 2012
Cornelius Hacking uploaded a new Document 6 February 2013
Alessio Lupi uploaded a new Document 23 August 2018

2.1 Enabling environment

2.1.9 Value Chains and adding value to value chain components

Andy Benfield uploaded a new Document 24 October 2012
Elizabeth Drachman uploaded a new Document 13 September 2013

This USAID report, written by development practitioners from DAI, addresses the participation of women in Afghanistan's economy by analyzing their roles as income generators at the livelihoods level, as employees, and as business owners/entrepreneurs.

Andy Benfield uploaded a new Document 1 December 2012