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  1. UN Environment Connect Newsletter - archive

    UN Environment Connect is our Brussels-focused newsletter connecting you to UN Environment's work worldwide UN Environment Connect Newsletter Summer 2019 - https://bit.ly/2m6wayt (July/August 2019) UN Environment Connect Newsletter #26 - https://bit.ly/2KskTzX (May 2018) UN Environment Connect...
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  2. Thawing of Permafrost Expected to Cause Significant Additional Global Warming, Not yet Accounted for in Climate Predictions

    Policymakers and Climate Scientists Must Monitor and Prepare for Large Carbon Dioxide and Methane Emissions from Permafrost, Says UNEP Report Doha, 27 November 2012 – Permafrost covering almost a quarter of the northern hemisphere contains 1,700 gigatonnes of carbon, twice that currently in the...
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  3. Democratic People's Republic of Korea: Environment and Climate Change Outlook

    Publication Date: 2012 Report by the Ministry of Land and Environment Protection of North Korea on the country's environment and cllimate change outlook. Technical assistance for the report was...
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