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29 November 2016 to 30 November 2016
in Minsk (Belarus)

This event took place under the frame of the Fifth Meeting of the
Inter-Ministerial Task Force on Climate Change and was organised and provided
under the support of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental
protection of the Republic of Belarus and Clima East.

It aimed to present and analyse the various aspects of the implementation of
the Paris Agreement globally and in Belarus in particular. The event lasted
for two days and was structured around experts presentations and round

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Practical brief

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  How to ensure success in crowdfunding?

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Much ink has been devoted to the role large cities such as Mumbai, São Paulo and Cairo can play in a country’s economic growth. But not enough attention is being paid to the fastest growing urban areas of all, and the ones most likely to shape our urban future: secondary cities.

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First released in 2005, this report is the industry standa

Social media did not "cause" the end of Ben Ali’s reign last year, but it played a vital role in accelerating the course of events and enhancing the citizens' capacity to impact political events, according to Tunisian cyber activist, Amira Chebli.