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Tom D'Haeyer uploaded a new Document 15 April 2014

Laura Giappichelli uploaded a new Document 5 September 2014
Brussels UNESCO posted Information 18 September 2014

UNESCO Press release No. 2014-113

UNESCO: Sustainable development begins with education

Fernando Aidos uploaded a new Document 9 February 2015

The following document contains observations on the real conditions on the ground as one considers education and development in developing countries. 

Laura Giappichelli uploaded a new Document 20 February 2014

Report Summary

Brussels UNESCO posted Information 15 October 2014

Leave no one behind: think, decide and act together against extreme poverty

2015 will be a milestone in the global fight for the eradication of poverty.

Sara Simon posted Information 1 October 2014

PFD localisation session Oct 1, 2014
PFD localisation session Oct 1, 2014

Laura Giappichelli posted Information 20 February 2014

"In the last decade, the EU has provided EUR 3.3 billion to UNDP’s activities in 115 countries (many more if including also regional and global programmes) through the signature of around 800 contracts.

Some key results include:

Nadia Lamhandaz uploaded a new Document 3 July 2014

This edition of the World Investment Report provides valuable analysis that can inform global discussions on how to accelerate progress toward the Millennium Development Goals and shape a long-range vision for a more sustainable future beyond 2015.

Michael Schneider uploaded a new Document 17 December 2014

Africa is increasingly seeking to formulate a common African position ...

ECDPM Briefing Note No. 74 - November 2014