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Koen Rossel-Cambier uploaded a new Document 2 March 2016

This brochure aims at summarising the findings of evaluations of three international trade-assistance programmes implemented by the European Commission and the ACP Secretariatover the period 2002-2014:

Gian Paolo de Pinto uploaded a new Document 6 October 2016

Hub & Spokes uploaded a new Document 27 June 2017

ISAAC B GOKAH, Hub & Spokes Programme
National Trade Adviser, Malawi

Noelle Aboya - Chevanne uploaded a new Document 2 May 2016

Blending is an instrument for achieving European Union (EU) external policy objectives, complementary to other aid modalities and pursuing the relevant regional, national and overarching policy priorities.

Arnaud de Vanssay uploaded a new Document 27 November 2014

Pour ses propres besoins d'analyse des résultats et de la viabilité des projets de développement, la Commission des Communautés européennes a entrepris un travail de réflexion aboutissant à l'élaboration de ce manuel.

Przemysław Musiałkowski uploaded a new Document 29 May 2018

This report evaluates the degree of the usage of electronic documents and paperless procedures along all stages of the supply chain in international trade and logistics in the EaP Partner Countries, as part of the EU initiative on the Harmonisation of the Digital Markets (HDM) in the Eastern Part

Ines Escudero Sanchez uploaded a new Document 4 January 2013

2-pages memo on what you can find at the Export Helpdesk

Ines Escudero Sanchez uploaded a new Document 4 January 2013

EU facts & figures

Ines Escudero Sanchez uploaded a new Document 22 January 2013

Presentation de l'Export Helpdesk et exemples senegalais

Caroline Garcia uploaded a new Document 31 May 2017

Read here the Market needs analysis made for the promotion of Quality Standards and Certification for Handicrafts from Ghana and Sierra Leone