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Rafael Barrio posted Information 25 April 2014

The circular economy that aims for the elimination of waste through the design of products, and business models. Its  essence  is to design products with no waste products that facilitate disassembly and reuse.

Tom D'Haeyer posted Information 15 April 2014

Integrated Natural Resources Management is not new. Yet, putting the concept in practice remains a challenge.

Katharine Mill posted Information 26 March 2014

EU Green Week 2014 will focus on the circular economy, resource efficiency and waste.  More info and registration at:

Alexa Froger uploaded a new Document 7 January 2015
Alexa Froger posted Information 22 January 2015


Enrique Rebolledo uploaded a new Document 18 December 2014

How to finance low-carbon and climate-resilient development?

United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment) posted Information 1 September 2014

A quarter of the world's countries are now pursuing green economy plans. Three new reports to support governments in building greener and more inclusive economies unveiled at the Green Economy Coalition annual meeting.

Laura Giappichelli posted Information 29 August 2014

Briefings and infographics on climate change impacts recently released by the University of Cambidge

Sectors covered: Agriculture, Building, Cities, Defence, Employment, Energy, Extractive industries, Finance, Fisheries, Tourism and Transport