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Jele Oppermann uploaded a new Document 7 December 2018
Group: ICT4DEV

We wonder: Why is there no onus of proof regarding the appropriateness of proprietary software?

Development cooperation actors support the use of open source in theory, but there is a gap between theory and practice.




Christos Marazopoulos uploaded a new Document 31 October 2018

Concept Note and Agenda of the Global Workshop on Joint Programming

Christos Marazopoulos uploaded a new Document 20 July 2018

New Joint Programming Guidance issued for EU Delegations, but is a useful guide for all European colleagues working in the field for the EU and the EU Member States.

It is available in French and Spanish too.


Suman Chowdhury Mony uploaded a new Document 25 August 2017

When the farmers produce the huge number of crops, vegetable, fruits, etc. they can’t preserve these specially the products get rotten. So, either those products are destroyed or rotten or the farmers sell those products to the middle man in a very low price at that time.

Christos Marazopoulos uploaded a new Document 27 February 2019

This is a report that builds evidence on the role joint programming can perform in MADCs and MICs.

Coralie Mugerin uploaded a new Document 1 February 2012

La presente Guía ha sido desarrollada en 2009 por la Dirección de Apoyo a la Calidad de Operaciones de EuropeAid a partir de la realización de consultas y la incorporación de insumos provistos por el Grupo de Trabajo que apoyó la preparación de la Estrategia de Cooperación Técnica y Unid

Christos Marazopoulos uploaded a new Document 27 September 2018

Esta guía de programación conjunta se basa en el paquete de orientaciones sobre programación conjunta de 2015 e incorpora experiencias y prácticas actualizadas en un único documento.

Arnaud Berghmans uploaded a new Document 23 March 2017

Presentation given at the Cooperation DAys workshop on 23 March 2017

Christos Marazopoulos uploaded a new Document 27 September 2018

Le présent guide d’orientation sur la programmation conjointe s’inspire donc du guide d’orientation de 2015, auquel s’ajoutent les expériences et les pratiques mises à jour réunies au sein d’un unique document.