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Moderating team ROSA uploaded a new Document 23 January 2013

This briefing paper is part of the HPG Policy Briefs Series. It addresses the question of how to support the livelihoods of rural people who have been affected by conflict.

Support Team ROM uploaded a new Document 19 March 2012

This report comprises a sub-sector review of three public administration reform (PAR) related projects in Bosnia & Herzegovina (BiH) financed by the EC but where implementation is undertaken by UNDP.

Andrea Floridi uploaded a new Document 26 August 2015

This report documents some of these innovative approaches to regulatory reform in selected developing country cities with vibrant informal economies. It also identifies good practices that could be replicated in cities and towns in other countries.

Moderating team ROSA uploaded a new Document 29 January 2013

Cette déclaration a pour but de définir le cadre stratégique commun pour la mise en oeuvre des politiques européennes de développement dans un esprit de complémentarité. Le document est constitué de deux parties.

Moderating team ROSA uploaded a new Document 23 January 2013

Le Niger est confronté régulièrement à une insécurité alimentaire conjoncturelle dans un contexte de pauvreté chronique. La crise alimentaire 2004/2005 est apparue atypique dans son déroulement, dans son ampleur et dans les modalités de sa gestion.

Mantovan Alessandra uploaded a new Document 7 June 2019

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) for Development in Peace-Precarious Situations     

Elkins, Catherine    

RTI international, 2006

Moderating team ROSA uploaded a new Document 28 January 2013

This paper analyses the role safety nets are likely to play, and particularly food security safety nets, in making the right to food a reality. The first part presents the obligations of governments in terms of the right to food.