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Sandra Oliveira posted Information 31 January 2016

DEAR community,

A summary of each of the knowledge sharing and learning Cluster meetings that took place in 2015 are online, we've uploaded the respective reports on each of the correspondent events at Related documents.

And here too:

Celine Dondeynaz uploaded a new Document 16 December 2014

EUWI MSF: Stockholm Water Week 2014

This presentation 'Assessment of the Water-Food-Energy Nexus under the UNECE Water Convention' was given on the occasion of the World Water Week in September 2014 in Stockholm.

Capacity4dev Team posted Information 12 January 2015

The latest Voices & Views on looks at some of the perspectives from the recent DEAR meeting in Brussels. Featuring video interviews with Valentina Auricchio, Joanne Malone and Liz Allum.

mihkel Punga uploaded a new Document 31 January 2005

This chapter of the World Water Development Reportinvestigates some of the subtle but powerful ways in which education, training, public information, cultural traditions, the media and modern telecommunications interact with each other to influence the way we

andre Liebaert uploaded a new Document 23 March 2010
    1. Elements of the EU position /speaking points for high level interactive dialogue on implementation of the decade for action "water for  life 2005- 2015 " ( Panel on water and the MDG's)
mihkel Punga uploaded a new Document 14 December 2004

Page 1-26 of the strategy paper about the EU Africa partnership. A process started at the Cairo conference in April 2000

mihkel Punga uploaded a new Document 14 December 2004

This Communication guides the European Community's support to water resources
management in developing countries for achieving the main development goals laid down in
the Treaty establishing the European Community – poverty reduction, sustainable economic

Celine Dondeynaz uploaded a new Document 31 July 2008

Final Annual report 2008 on the EUWI activity

Capacity4dev Team created a new WIKI page 21 March 2014
Project: FISRI Zambia

What is conservation agriculture?

Conservation agriculture is a farming practice of managing agro-ecosystems for improved and sustained productivity, increased profits and food security, while preserving and enhancing the resource base and the environment.