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Pietro De Matteis
24 November 2017

Welcome to our Public Diplomacy and Cultural Diplomacy community of practice!

This is the place to exchange and discuss among colleagues (and in the future possibly also with partners...

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Violeta Costilla
20 March 2014

Comunicación de las acciones desarrolladas en la Unión Europea en Perú

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Pietro De Matteis asked a Question 27 November 2017

Share below some examples of good practices in the field of Public Diplomacy and Cultural Diplomacy.


You can add a link or a full description.


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Capacity4dev Team
12 September 2014

This group aims to gather people who are interested in underdeveloped countries in West Africa

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Pietro De Matteis created a new WIKI page 27 November 2017

Within the broader field of cultural relations, Cultural Diplomacy engages and empowers local actors to facilitate the creation of spaces for mutual understanding via intercultural dialogue, facilitates reconciliation and foster peaceful inter-community relations, reinforces the role of culture a

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Brussels UNESCO
12 May 2014

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

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Pietro De Matteis uploaded a new Document 5 December 2017

Presentation on the Public Diplomacy approach,

Link with other diplomacies,

Good practices presented by EU Delegations.

Marc LINTS posted news 2 February 2018




Voici le nouveau site du projet concernant les cultures créoles

des Caraïbes à l’Océan Indien,

Dans la perspective d’une candidature commune des « nations créoles » de la


Au Patrimoine immatériel de l’UNESCO.