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Jo De Backer posted Information 23 December 2015

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Cristina Rigolli created a new WIKI page 7 July 2015

Depuis sa création en juillet 2014, le Fonds Bêkou a permis d’adopter déjà 11 actions - Pour en savoir plus sur les programmes ci-dessous, cliquez sur l'image ou le titre du programme concerné.

Jo De Backer posted Information 27 October 2015

Finance Ministers of the Vulnerable Twenty (V20), representing close to 700 million people threatened by climate change and spanning world regions, held their inaugural meeting on 8 October 2015 in Lima, Peru.

Jo De Backer posted Information 16 October 2015

The Environmental Migration Portal Newsletter is produced as part of the "Migration, Environment and Climate Change: Evidence for Policy" (MECLEP) project, funded by the European Union, implemented by IOM.

Jo De Backer posted Information 30 October 2015

MECLEP Papua New Guinea Policymaker Training Workshop
26 - 28 October 2015 - Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Jo De Backer posted Information 23 November 2015

Now is a historical opportunity, and I take this occasion to urge States and all other relevant actors [...] to include human mobility in the Climate Agreement to be negotiated in Paris. There is still time to do so.

Jo De Backer posted Information 12 May 2015

2015 is the “year of climate” with the major UNFCCC climate negotiations to take place in November/December 2015 in Paris, with significant implications for IOM’s work on human mobility in relation to climate and environmental change.