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Hanna Petri uploaded a new Document 13 May 2016

These guidelines provide a framework for strengthening the contribution of European Union (EU) international cooperation and development policy to sustainable development by integrating, or mainstreaming, environmental and climate change considerations into the different phases of the EU programm

Raymond Lataste uploaded a new Document 8 July 2015

Zoom: Policy coherence for development in the post-2015 development agenda.

Lionel Wallef uploaded a new Document 7 September 2017

The Commission has published in May 2017 Staff Working Document (SWD) "Digital-for-Development: Mainstreaming digital technologies and services into EU development policy".

Raffaela Kihrer uploaded a new Document 22 June 2015
Olinda Rio uploaded a new Document 19 December 2014


Gender mainstreaming in education
Moving beyond theory, sharing practical insights

Amouzou Bedi uploaded a new Document 30 December 2016

The focus of the training is to provide Capacity training on ICT for Underprivileged Youths  and as a result making them agents of development who will continue to educate other Underprivileged Youths in the communities. 

Jele Oppermann uploaded a new Document 7 December 2018
Group: ICT4DEV

We wonder: Why is there no onus of proof regarding the appropriateness of proprietary software?

Development cooperation actors support the use of open source in theory, but there is a gap between theory and practice.




Hanna Petri uploaded a new Document 7 July 2016


Amouzou Bedi uploaded a new Document 30 December 2016

The objective of this 3 days training is to encourage drop out students in our community or Botswana to be able to continue their learning through internet (online) on their own pace and apply knowledge gained in rural development that contribute to the nation's economical development.