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Sandra Oliveira uploaded a new Document 8 November 2018
Programme: DEAR

The summary report of presentations, discussions and learnings from the 2018 Exchange Hub, that took place in Brussels - 13th and 14th of September. Thematic: 'Developing Communication Plans for DEAR projects work with external audiences'

Katharine Mill uploaded a new Document 7 November 2018

Larger than Tigers: inputs for a strategic approach to biodiversity conservation in Asia - Regional Reports has been divided into separate chapters for easier download. This PDF contains the Central Asia chapter. 

Jaap Koot uploaded a new Document 25 October 2018

Presentation during the SPHIP meeting on 8 November 2018 in Liverpool, explaining the recent activities in the field of developing and expanding community based health information, using DHIS2 Tracker

Sarah Simpson uploaded a new Document 10 July 2018
Programme: DEAR

Participants of the 2018 Inception Seminar raised various questions about the financial and contractual administration and implementation of DEAR projects, which are answered in this FAQ.

Sandra Oliveira uploaded a new Document 21 May 2018
Programme: DEAR

You can find here information about plans and publications of the different networks present at the DEAR Multi-Stakeholder Group meeting held in April 2018. 

Sarah Simpson uploaded a new Document 17 July 2018
Programme: DEAR

On 12th July the European Commission launched a DEAR Call for Proposals from Civil Society Organisations and Local Authorities.   

Zena Mouawad uploaded a new Document 12 April 2018

Large-scale shocks are becoming more numerous, frequent and long-term. Disaster risk management (DRM) and humanitarian practitioners commonly play a vital role already in addressing them.

Patricia Rodriguez Fortun uploaded a new Document 5 March 2018

The case of Ethiopia’s Productive Safety Net Programme demonstrates the importance of integrating environment and climate change m

Sandra Oliveira uploaded a new Document 21 May 2018
Programme: DEAR

You can download the report from the MSG meeting held in April 2018 below.  However, PLEASE NOTE, that suggestions about the next Call are in draft form and aspects may well have changed by the time the Call is launched.