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Pierre Berman posted Information 29 May 2018

Dear members of the IESF group, 

Pierre Berman posted Information 4 May 2018

The 28th April celebrated the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, an international campaign driven by the International Labour Organization (ILO) to raise international awareness on occupational safety and health among trade unions, employers’ organizations and go

Pierre Berman posted Information 18 April 2018

Dear Members of the IESF Group,

Here is the 10th edition of the RNSF Newsletter!

The newsletter shares good practices, lesson learned, and stories about the activities of the RNSF and its 17 implementing partners.

Pdf version available at: 

Pierre Berman posted Information 20 May 2018

The research work presented in the Volume 4.3: Good Practices and Lessons Learned aims at identify good practices and lessons learned relevant to the supp

Pierre Berman posted Information 12 April 2018

As part of its activities of research, the RNSF has disseminated knowledge and best practices related to the informal economy since 2015 on the

Pierre Berman posted Information 11 October 2018

Here is the 12th edition of RNSF newsletter!

Thanks to Oxfam Italia for their contribution.

Here is the content:

Pierre Berman posted Information 7 February 2018

Our partner Women in Informal Employment Globalizing and Organizing (WIEGO) recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of its creation.

Pierre Berman posted Information 6 April 2018

DEVCO and RNSF look forward to contributing to the debate on the informal economy, in particular by providing research and tools to support evidence-based and pragmatic approaches. Here are some resources of interest: