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A study of five social protection projects in South Asia has found they struggled to create transformative change, and were unable to tackle the persistent discrimination driving poverty and social exclusion.
In 2006 the Government of Bangladesh initiated a major overhaul of Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Bangladesh, with support from the European Union. The project, implemented by the International Labour Office (ILO), has achieved a couple of ‘first’s’ in the country’s history: it has produced a National Skill Development Policy, a National Qualifications Framework, and it promotes social inclusion.
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On a recent trip to India, Renée Zandvliet, working with EuropeAid’s 'Civil Society and Local Authorities' unit, saw that civil society organisations (CSOs) often play a supportive role in improving the functioning and outreach of public health systems, as well as helping strengthen Human Resources for Health (HRH). As part of's CSOs in India Week, she shares her views.
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Youth often are a key target group among vulnerable people, in particular for governments and development programmes. As they are the adults of tomorrow, their exclusion of the social and economic life represents a huge loss of human and economical capital.

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The IESF Group presents during the next European Development Days (EDDs) a book on social protection for workers in the informal economy.

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SUB-TOPIC (Research matrix): Advocacy with government to improve legal and policy frameworks to support informal economy enterprises (1.2)

PROJECT NAME: Women in Action and Solidarity against Poverty in Kyrgyz Republic

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RESEARCH QUESTION: 4- Innovative approaches to enhance livelihoods, equity and inclusion of people
dependent on the informal economy

SUB-TOPIC (Research matrix): Strengthening IE with attention to youth and children (4.7)

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2.2.2 Formalising work in IE 

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2.3.6. Vocational education/skills training

Recommendation: 10) Involve potential employers in the project by asking them to review course content and mentor trainees.