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  1. 2nd TRANSrisk Policy Brief: European climate change mitigation targets: Exploring the potential contribution from behavioural change

    The 2 nd issue of TRANSrisk policy briefs explores the potential contribution to European climate change mitigation targets from behavioural change. More particularly, the brief begins by presenting...
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  2. SDGs Italy

    Hello, I want to found a World Cultural Association, E.R.M.A. (European Rural, World Associations), to create this blessed institution, the president serves as the secretary and a counselor. You want to be the founder, (a person who wants to learn and manage by living his own ecological footprint...
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    INVITATION Voici le nouveau site du projet concernant les cultures créoles des Caraïbes à l’Océan Indien, Dans la perspective d’une candidature commune des « nations créoles » de la CULTURE CREOLE Au Patrimoine immatériel de l’UNESCO. Vous êtes les bienvenus dans cette ‘aventure’ Bien cordialement...
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