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Farah Abou Merhi created a new WIKI page 20 February 2018
This week, we would like to draw your attention to material that will inform the discussions on Day 1, Monday 19 March.
Capacity4dev Team created a new WIKI page 15 June 2017

In the following videos, Bryan Fornari, the Head of Cooperation at the EU Delegation to Laos, explains how joint programming can engage the partner country's government and how many EU Member States are invovled in joint programming in Laos.&nb

Iliyana Arnaudova created a new WIKI page 14 November 2014

The full title of the project was: “Feasibility study on the introduction of an Air Quality Monitoring system in Georgia in compliance with EU requirements, including development of the Programme of the National Ambient Air Monitoring System and elaboration of re

Javier Burgos created a new WIKI page 18 February 2016

Dr. Jaap Koot and Mr. Javier Burgos visited for the first time the project in Myanmar from December 14th to 18th of 2015.

Javier Burgos created a new WIKI page 22 June 2016

Hosted by University of Porto, the 2016 EHMA Annual Conference "New Models of Care. Reinventing healthcare: why, what, how" has been held at the exclusive home of Ordem dos Médicos in Porto, Portugal from 14 to 16 June 2016.

Dorothee Fischer created a new WIKI page 11 July 2019

After its last Regional Meeting Asia in Bangkok in June 2015, the Policy Forum on Development is returning to the region from 24 - 26 September 2019 to meet with around 80 representatives of civil society organisations and local authorities to discuss the progress made since the adoption of the 2

Javier Burgos created a new WIKI page 24 December 2015

Lao Equity through policy Analysis and Research Networks (LEARN)

Iliyana Arnaudova created a new WIKI page 14 November 2014

This activity sought to provide support to engage (or improve existing level) in data exchange activities related to air pollution, in particular through data exchange tools managed by European Environment Agency,including UN ECE Convention on Long- range T