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Elina Comment uploaded a new Document 12 October 2015


Sarah Simpson uploaded a new Document 15 February 2019
Programme: DEAR


Alicia Martin Diaz posted Information 30 August 2011

The Global Partnership on Disability and Development (GPDD) and allies are working together to raise awareness and contribute with useful information and tools in order to ensure that reconstruction efforts after Haiti earthquake involve people with dis

Sarah Simpson posted news 15 February 2019
Programme: DEAR

During 2010 the European Commission initiated a study into Development Education and Awareness Raising in EU Member States.  The study led to the publication of three documents that can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:

Jorge Rodriguez Bilbao uploaded a new Document 27 July 2011

This paper from the United Nations Capital Development Fund provides an overview of lessons learned from the design and implementation of performance-based grant systems (PBGSs) for local governments in 15 developing countries.  This paper is particularly valuable for central and local government

Support Team ROM uploaded a new Document 19 March 2012

This report provides an overview of the projects monitored in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the period from 01/01/2010 to 30/06/2010.

Moderating team ROSA uploaded a new Document 24 January 2013

International aid agencies and governments are increasingly giving cash payments as a way to provide relief to people after disasters. The use of cash, as opposed to "in kind" assistance, is a relatively new approach.

Moderating team ROSA uploaded a new Document 24 January 2013

The article studies data from PSNP and presents an econometric analysis of food and cash transfer programs. Due to the food price increase, the effectiveness of social transfer programs is now questioned. This feeds the debate on food-insecurity alleviation strategies: cash or food ?

Moderating team ROSA uploaded a new Document 24 January 2013

This review examines the role of animal milk in pastoral economies and diets. It then considers project interventions that have sought to increase the supply or commercial value of milk from animals in pastoralist regions.