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  1. Task 1.6.2 Component 1 Review of practice of conditions setting in EU for non-annex I installations EN

    The aim of this report is to provide the overview of good EU practice in environmental regulation of non-Annex I installations and examples of non-Annex I installations specifications for drafting of...
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  2. One survivor

    This is a sad story that teaches us a few lessons - how one survivor, one little baby elephant, was rescuded, yet later died from the traumatic massacre he was taken from. What happened and Why? Read the source article here: The elephant that flew Never give cow's milk to an elephant - cow's milk...
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  3. UN Environment Connect Newsletter - archive

    UN Environment Connect is our Brussels-focused newsletter connecting you to UN Environment's work worldwide UN Environment Connect Newsletter Summer 2019 - https://bit.ly/2m6wayt (July/August 2019) UN Environment Connect Newsletter #26 - https://bit.ly/2KskTzX (May 2018) UN Environment Connect...
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  4. Guidance Manual on Value Transfer Methods for Ecosystem Services

    Publication Date: 2013 This guidance manual is designed to help a broad audience to understand the available information on the values of ecosystem services and how this information can be used to...
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