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  1. Bumpus (2011). UNRISD. Realizing Local Development in the Carbon Commodity Chain: Political Economy, Value and Connecting Carbon Commodities at Multiple Scales

    This paper provides an analysis of how local community development is connected to the global carbon economy through the creation of carbon commodities (offset credits) and the role of premium credit...
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  2. DeLoG (2007) Alignment strategies in the field of decentralisation and local governance. A review of country practices and experiences.

    This desk study provides an overview of development partners’ support to decentralisation and local governance. The study looks into issues of management of decentralisation processes, coordination...
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  3. 6th Annual DeLOG Meeting (2011) Villadsen, S: Synthesis paper on how to improve aid effectiveness in the field of decentralisation and local governance.

    This presentation summarises findings from an EC-commissioned study on aid effectiveness and decentralisation. Since the Paris Declaration (PD), coordination and harmonisation of DLG programmes has...
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  4. 6th Annual DeLOG Meeting (2011) GIZ: GTZ Independent Evaluation in the Thematic Priority Area “Decentralization”.

    This presentation shares the findings of a 2008 GIZ evaluation on decentralisation based on 14 GIZ projects across the globe. It makes some recommendations for the work of the DeLOG. The GIZ projects...
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