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  1. Geoinformation for Disaster Risk Reduction Concepts, Applications and International Programs

    COOPI- Z_GIS/Malawi/2018. A presentation on Disaster Risk Reduction, offering definitions, conceptual frameworks and application of Geoinformation in disaster risk reduction allover the world...
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  2. Disaster Risk Management, DRM for Civil Protection Committees, Training Manual, Salima District, Malawi

    COOPI/Malawi/2015. This DRM Training Manual for Civil Protection Committees is in line with the Hyogo Framework for Action 2005-2015: Building the Resilience of Nations and Communities to Disasters...
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  3. Disaster Risk reduction for food nutrition and security, Key practices for DRR implementers

    COOPI- FAO/SAIO/2014. This brief is part of the series, A Field Guide for Disaster Risk Reduction in Southern Africa: Key Practices for DRR Implementers, coordinated by the Food and Agriculture...
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  4. UNDP Final Report - Consultancy to assess the current hazard mapping capacity and effectiveness of scenario based tools for long term planning mechanisms

    COOPI, Z_GIS/Malawi/2011. This report has been produced through partnership between Cooperazione Internationale (COOPI), Malawi and the University of Salzburgā€™s Centre for Geoinformatics (Z_GIS),...
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  5. Information and Knowledge Management, Key practices for DRR implementers

    FAO-COOPI/SAIO/2014. This brief is part of the series, A Field Guide for Disaster Risk Reduction in Southern Africa : Key Practices for DRR Implementers, coordinated by the FAO Subregional Office for...
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  6. Final Report Linthipe and Lingadzi River System Study Central Region River Basin, Malawi

    COOPI, Z_GIS/Malawi/2011-2012. The Linthipe and Lingadzi River System Study involved wide consultations with key governmental, UN and non-governmental stakeholders at both national and district level...
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  7. Early Warning System Toolkit, a guide for practitioners in Mangochi and Salima districts, Malawi

    COOPI/Malawi/2017. This toolkit is designed to support hazard and vulnerability mapping of Mangochi and Salima Districts in southern Malawi. It provides an introduction and practical guide to...
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  8. Toolbox and Manual, Mapping the vulnerability of communities, Examples from Buzi, Mozambique

    COOPI/Z-GIS, Munich Re Foundation, INGC/Mozambique/2008. This documentation is the result of research work conducted in the project context of the establishment of a 'Community Based Early Warning...
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  9. Success Story: Advancing capacity for greening Lesotho's national development

    The European Union has developed a training programme to improve the effectiveness of its interventions where the environment and climate change are at play, thereby contributing to poverty eradication, sustainable development and green growth. Standard training sessions are adapted to the context...
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