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  1. Participatory Community Mapping Hazards & Vulnerability Methodology

    COOPI, Z_GIS/Malawi/2018. A presentation on Participatory Community Mapping, Hazards and Vulnerability Methodology- covering Methodological strategies and approaches in Mapping Flood Hazards. Two...
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  2. Introduction to Community Mapping and Participatory GIS Objectives, Aims, Feedback

    COOPI, Z_GIS/Malawi/2018. A presentation on Community Mapping and participatory Geographic information systems, Presented by Centre for Geoinformatics- University of Salzburg, Austria to DRM...
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  3. Geoinformation for Disaster Risk Reduction Concepts, Applications and International Programs

    COOPI- Z_GIS/Malawi/2018. A presentation on Disaster Risk Reduction, offering definitions, conceptual frameworks and application of Geoinformation in disaster risk reduction allover the world...
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