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  1. Community Shelter Guidelines (Accommodation centres in existing buildings)

    CROIX-ROUGE-ES/2013. The purpose of this handbook is to provide shelter managers with the resources to plan for assess, open, operate and close community shelters; it includes minminum standards for...
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  2. INFORM yourself about Risk!

    While the big discussions are currently taking place in Sendai at the UN Third World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction , here is an innovative example of how we can reach an improved common understanding on where the risk to humanitarian crisis and disaster is globally. My question to you is:...
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  3. Inter-Agency Workshop on Strengthening Cooperation in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Countries

    Between 9th and 13th September 2013, the European Commission, DG DEVCO 07 – Fragility and Crisis Management Unit, in close cooperation with other Commission services and with the European External Action Service, and with the support of UNDP, USAID and the World Bank, organised in Brussels the...
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  4. Post-Conflict Peacebuilding and Natural Resource Management

    Innovative new research programme launched Natural resources are often closely linked to conflict, stabilization, and peacebuilding . Grievances over access to land have been central to wars in Guatemala and Nepal; and inequitable sharing of oil and gas revenues have driven separatist movements in...
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