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  1. Report Hosting Families: Social Analysis of Rural Communities living in Disaster prone areas of Zambezia

    CROIX-ROUGE-ES/2013. The purpose of this document is to provide an in-depth analysis of important aspects concerning the communities living in the most disaster prone areas of Zambezia in order to...
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  2. Community Shelter Guidelines (Accommodation centres in existing buildings)

    CROIX-ROUGE-ES/2013. The purpose of this handbook is to provide shelter managers with the resources to plan for assess, open, operate and close community shelters; it includes minminum standards for...
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  3. Acting Now for a Resilient Future

    Read this ECHO brochure on getting from Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Risk Reduction to long-term resilience. Natural disasters are forecast to increase, what measures need to be taken by donors and humanitarian organisations? http://www.preventionweb.net/files/globalplatform/entry_bg_paper~...
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