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  1. Shelter Kit Operating instuctions: assembling & installations tecniques, Manual de Formaçao sobre Kits de Abrigo: Técnicas de Montagem

    CROIX-ROUGE-ES/2013. O Kit de Abrigo tem sido a estratégia usada pela Cruz Vermelha de Moçambique como resposta às necessidades de abrigo das populações afectadas pelos desastres naturais. A Cruz...
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  2. Report Hosting Families: Social Analysis of Rural Communities living in Disaster prone areas of Zambezia

    CROIX-ROUGE-ES/2013. The purpose of this document is to provide an in-depth analysis of important aspects concerning the communities living in the most disaster prone areas of Zambezia in order to...
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  3. Community Shelter Guidelines (Accommodation centres in existing buildings)

    CROIX-ROUGE-ES/2013. The purpose of this handbook is to provide shelter managers with the resources to plan for assess, open, operate and close community shelters; it includes minminum standards for...
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  4. World Bank, 2013, Growing Africa. Unlocking the Potential of Agriculture, General background document on issues in our research matrix, World Bank, New York

    2.3 DIRECT ACTIONS IN COMMUNITIES 2.3.4. Leadership, life skills, empowerment training, literacy/numeracy Recommendation:1. Promote group formation in producer organisations (PO). Smallholders might...
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  5. Hoffman, Ilse, 2013, Evaluation of the project “Conflict sensitive transitional aid to stabilize sustainable livelihoods in Karamoja, Northeast Uganda”, Final evaluation, Welthungerhilfe, Bonn. 

    2.3 DIRECT ACTIONS IN COMMUNITIES 2.3.2 Entrepreneurship: Capacity strengthening on economic activities Recommendation: 31. Recognise that specific IE activities that a project supports may only form...
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