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Alessio Lupi uploaded a new Document 5 March 2019

The RNSF research Volume 5 is a monography on Key Topics that combine theoretical analysis, presentation of successful cases, and recommendations.

Alessio Lupi uploaded a new Document 5 March 2019

The RNSF Research Volume 2 contains theories and concepts around the Informal Economy and related topics.

Alessio Lupi uploaded a new Document 5 March 2019

The volume 4.3 of the RNSF research contains Good Practices and Lessons learnt from 15 projects funded by the European Union.

Pierre Berman posted Information 24 April 2018

Within the category of vulnerable people, migrants belong to one of the groups often likely to depend on informal economy, especially those without a regular work permit or living in an illegal situation.

Pierre Berman posted Information 23 March 2018

The implementation of social projects such as those in the field of informal economy often implies to signific

Pierre Berman posted Information 19 March 2018

The formalization of informal workers is often presented as a means of improving the living conditions

Pierre Berman posted Information 10 January 2018

Dear Members of the IESF Group, 

We are glad to wish you a happy new year and to announce you the publication of the first newsletter of 2018!

In this issue, we focus on the RNSF regional workshop in Lima on the organization of informal workers. 

Fatoumata TRAORE uploaded a new Document 18 December 2017

Photos Mode International Ethique à Pissy (Ouagadougou)

Pierre Berman posted Information 1 December 2017

The 2nd RNSF regional workshop, starting today in Lima,  will address various issues linked to informal workers organization and mobilization. Here are some approaches and best practices implemented by two partners of the IESF Group, SEWA and WIEGO.