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  1. Pitch-a-Pitch - In the Middle of a Trust Game

    Pitch-a-Pitch is a fundraising platform for CleanTech start-ups. Currently, along with existent environmental and social issues people are discouraged to engage into green solutions development for sustainable growth. There is a lack of knowledge into this science and investors cannot find...
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  2. 5. IESF Library Structure

    The IESF Library contains studies, reports, good practices and leassons learned from the main institutions and organizations working worldwide on the themes of Informal Economy, Social Inclusion and related fields. Dynamic maps were created to facilitate the search and the prioritize the documents...
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  3. Thematic Sections

    You can find here the link to IESF Library Structure dynamic map about thematic sections, where the documents uploaded on the IESF Group can be found according to following categories: Informal Economy (Macro and Meso Level) Enabling Environment Training and Education Micro-Finance Social Inclusion...
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  4. Enabling Environment

    Please note below the brief definition of the enabling environment and links to a short and relevant ILO document with associated tools for the analysis of the enabling environment. Please note that the enabling environment components are similar for any subject and do not apply only to the...
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  5. Bolivia/Peru - ProgettoMondo MLAL

    Place of the action : Perù Title of the project in the original language: Un modelo para la formalización de trabajadores/as rurales en situación de precariedad laboral, de la cadena de valor del café de Perú y Bolivia Applicant: ProgettoMondo Mlal (PMM) Co-applicants: soluciones prácticas,...
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