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From19 June 2019
in Brussels (Belgium)
Organised byTechnical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA)

Promoting sustainable agriculture and trade for inclusive growth: Addressing inequalities through private sector development and investment (European Development Days, Brussels, 19 June, 14:30-16:00, Room: A1)

From11 September 2018
in (Swaziland)
Organised byCOWI

Key stakeholder gathering to review the Report on Stocktake of Land Institution Reforms and to consider how best to approach further reforms given that almost all recent attempts at institutional reform, such as adoption of a National Land Policy and enactment of the Land Bill, have not progresse

17 July 2017 to 22 July 2017
in The Hague (Netherlands)
Organised byThe Hague Academy for Local Governance

How can local authorities respond and adapt to climate change and develop climate resilience policies in order to contribute to the global sustainable development goals?

4 April 2016 to 6 April 2016
in Dar-es-Salaam (Tanzania)
Organised byDG DEVCO – Unit B2 Civil society, Local Authorities

The seminar has three major goals:  1) Clarify the concept of Territorial Approach to Local Development as an analytical framework that can be understood as the missing link between decentralization reforms and development outcomes. 2) Sharpen the understanding of the participants of the political economy of decentralization reforms (DR) in the region, and the conditions under which the reforms may lead to improved local governance (LG) and genuine local development (LD). 3) Recognize the opportunities and constraints that EU delegations may face in promoting Territorial Approach to Local Development (TALD), because of the context in which they operate, the demands of the EU aid management cycle and the aid modalities available to them.

24 November 2015 to 26 November 2015
in (Benin)
Organised byDG DEVCO – Unité B2 Société Civile, Autorités Locales

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9 November 2015 to 11 November 2015
in The Hague (Netherlands)

The Development Partners Network on Decentralisation and Local Governance
(DeLoG) is offering a three day learning event to DeLoG members addressing
the topics of Decentralisation and Local Governance (DLG) in the context of
fragility. Hosted by VNG International and implemented by The Hague Academy
for Local Governance, the event will provide an overview on international
thinking and practical experiences regarding the nexus of decentralization,
local governance and fragility.

13 April 2015 to 17 April 2015
in Brussels (Belgium)
Organised byDG DEVCO Unit B2 Civil Society and Local Authorities

.... Decentralisation Reforms - Local Governance Local and Territorial Development Over the last two decades a shift in the understanding of decentralization has occurred, opening the way to a greater, more proactive, developmental role for Local Authorities. This has opened the way to a new understanding of Local Authorities as political actors (i.e. self-government mechanisms of a local political constituency) which are mandated to both help implement national policies in the localities and develop and implement their own local policies, programs and projects and not just “managerial” entities for delivery of a specific set of services. As a consequence Local Authorities are increasingly seen as critically important partners of central governments, who could both implement and supplement national development efforts.

1 June 2015 to 3 June 2015
in Bogotá (Colombia)
Organised byDG DEVCO - Unidad B2: Sociedad Civil y Autoridades Locales

¿Qué implica y cómo puede ser fomentado en América Latina y Central?

From18 March 2014
in Paris (France)
Organised byAdetef, with the French ministries in charge of Economy and Finance, Ecology, Sustainable development and Energy and State Reform

On March 18, 2014 in Paris

Under the aegis of Mr Pierre MOSCOVICI, Minister for the Economy and Finance and Ms Marylise LEBRANCHU, Minister for State Reform, Decentralisation and the Civil Service,

25 March 2014 to 27 March 2014
in Vienna (Austria)
Organised byDonor Network on Decentralisation and Local Governance (DeLoG)

This 3-day course is directed to staff of DPs and implementing partners
working in on decentralisation and local governance. It is free of charge.
Specific topics that will be discussed in this training are: Local/ Regional
development and their linkages to national decentralisation reforms,
political economy anaysis, sector decentralization and systemic approaches,
equitable and inclusive governance in decentralisation reforms as well as
joint support options.