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Mantovan Alessandra uploaded a new Document 27 June 2019

Using night light emissions for the prediction of local wealth    

By Weidmann, Nils B ; Schutte,  Sebastian    

Journal of Pease Research    


Mantovan Alessandra uploaded a new Document 27 June 2019

A primer on geospatial impact evaluation methods, tools, and applications   

By BenYishay, Ariel ;Trichler,  Rachel ; Runfola, Dan ; Goodman, Seth ; Dolan, Carrie; Parks, Bradley; Tanner, Jeffery; Heuser, Silke; Batra, Geeta; Anand, Anupam    



Mantovan Alessandra uploaded a new Document 21 June 2019

Measuring Environmental Outcomes Using Remote Sensing and Geospatial Methods        

IEO - Independent Evaluation Office    


Rosalba Vendemia uploaded a new Document 17 July 2018

UNICEF/2018. Phases 1 & 2 Final report on Exploration Phase  to Unicef de Madagascar December 2017- Pilot Exploration and Production Project Alternative groundwater sources.

Zena Mouawad posted Information 5 March 2018

A collection of Voices & Views articles on bridging the humanitarian and development sectors is available on Capacity4dev. This discussion is constantly updated with recently published articles.

Zena Mouawad uploaded a new Document 5 March 2018

During the first phase of the assignment, the core team focused on: collecting relevant materials, policies, guidance, tools and instruments developed by the EC and other international actors; consulting with other actors and exploring options for strategic collaborations; providing an initial fr

Gennaro Volpe uploaded a new Document 15 December 2017

IRC PowerPoint presentation of Pro-Act "Building Resilience of Vulnerable Communities of Panyijiar County through Integrated Food Security and Nutritional Approaches" at QRM 7 in November 2017

Luis Lechiguero uploaded a new Document 14 August 2017

In order to support the ongoing RESET programme implemented by more than 25 NGOs and in close collaboration with the local and regional authorities, the Delegation of the European Union to Ethiopia requested the Ethiopian Development Research Institute (EDRI) to undertake an in-depth analysis of