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  1. Worth social development worldwide

    KFDWB believes strongly that skills for development is the best solution for youth unemployment, jobs creation, economic & illegal immigration, and worth social development worldwide. Read more here You can view our training reportings here Our official website: here
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  2. e-learning: Policy Coherence for Development

    IMPACT OF EU POLICIES ON DEVELOPING COUNTRIES? A SHARED CONCERN! Have you heard of Policy Coherence for Development? This course is your chance to learn about this important EU commitment. What is Policy Coherence for Development? The EU is committed to take into account of the objectives of...
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  3. Ecosystem-based approaches to DRR and CCA

    Wetlands International promotes the ecosystem based approach to DRR/CCA and encourages its mainstreaming and integration into development policies
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    Public group owned by Wetlands 21 September 2016