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  1. "Joint Programming boosts focus, cooperation and visibility"

    Development programmes always strive to be as effective as possible – one way of achieving efficiency is to combine the strengths of all partners working in the sector. A recent evaluation of EU Joint Programming has shown that this policy mechanism offers many advantages.
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  2. TRANSrisk Report: "Report on Social Discourse Analyses and Social Network Analyses"

    Dear all, Read the latest TRANSrisk report which demonstrates a framework to analyse agency and power dynamics on socio-technological transitions, as well as a methodological toolkit to apply the...
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  3. Looking Back, Leaping Forward: Moving from MDGs to SDGs in Europe and Central Asia

    This report looks back at the experience of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and, at the same time, takes on a forward-looking perspective to achieve a successful transition to the much more...
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