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  1. Land-Soil Management & Remediation Policy Practice (China - Shanghai) 土地土壤管理和修复政策实践(中国--上海)

    Image: Shanghai Surveying & Mapping Institute Soil pollution is a sensitive issue worldwide. On the legislation and practical management for soil-environmental protection, coordinated multi-leveled modes are needed with regional government as main responsibles. As regions face problems and also...
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  2. Knowledge@Terra Classrooms

    Knowledge@Terra Classrooms on Climate, Land, Soil and Water 关于气候、土地、土壤和水的地域知识环境课堂 Challenges of territorial and spatial management of different global regions become more similar. How to change these pressing points and crisis? ✓ Exchange and foster Territorial Policy-Practice Solutions, that...
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  3. Green Development News #11

    The new edition of our quarterly newsletter is now out, in English and French, and with a focus in this edition on climate change and sustainable energy policy and programmes. The newsletter is produced by DG International Cooperation and Development's units for Sustainable Energy & Climate...
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