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  1. Khanna, Madhulika; Kochhar, Nishtha; Palaniswamy, Nethra, 2015, A Retrospective Impact Evaluation of the Tamil Nadu Empowerment and Poverty Alleviation

    2.4 APPROACHES TO ENHANCE LIVELIHOODS, EQUITY AND INCLUSION 2.4.5. Strengthening IE with attention to gender issues Recommendation: 4) Include in project design attention to women’s empowerment...
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  2. Mucheru-Karuri, Margaret; Krebs, Johann; Siddiqi, Abdul Bari, 2015, Final Performance Evaluation: Agricultural Credit Enhancement (Ace) Program in Afghanistan, Final evaluation, USAID, Washington DC.

    2.3 Direct actions in communities 2.3.5 Micro finance Recommendation : 2. Consider that different and adapted types of micro finance services may need to be designed in line with specific socio-...
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  3. Tango International, 2015, SHOUHARDO II Final Quantitative Performance Evaluation SHOUHARDO II Multi-Year Assistance Program (MYAP) in Bangladesh, Impact Evaluation

    2.4 APPROACHES TO ENHANCE LIVELIHOODS, EQUITY AND INCLUSION 2.4.4. Improving food security through enhancing livelihoods of people dependent on IE Recommendation : 1. Include livelihoods promotion...
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