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  1. Mendez England & Associates, 2012, Final Performance Evaluation of USAID’s “Cambodia Micro, Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises Ii/Business Enabling Environment” Project

    2.1 ENABLING ENVIRONMENT 2.1.9 Value Chains and adding value to value chain components Recommendation: 3. When designing projects with women (and men) in home-based or other informal economy...
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  2. Barca, Valentina; Riemenschneider, Nils, 2012, Livelihoods and Food Security Trust Fund – DELTA 1 Evaluation Report, Final evaluation, Multi Donor Livelihood and Food Security Trust Fund (LIFT), Myanmar.

    2.3 DIRECT ACTIONS IN COMMUNITIES 2.3.2 Entrepreneurship: Capacity strengthening on economic activities Recommendation: 3. Share training model for people dependent on the IE with relevant local...
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  3. Mitchel, Lucy; Takahashi, Taeko T.,2012, Green Jobs in Asia – Final Evaluation, Final evaluation, Evaluation Summary, ILO, Geneva, Covered countries: Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka.

    2.2 Decent work and enterprise growth 2.2.4 Environment and sustainable management and the Informal Economy Recommendation : 1. Include a broad range of national/local partners, including ministries...
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