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Christophe Legrand uploaded a new Document 11 October 2017

These technical guidelines have been developed by the Least Developed Countries Expert Group (LEG), with input and feedback from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and its agencies, and experts from other organizations,to support the NAP process, following a request by the COP.

Aidan McGowan uploaded a new Document 30 November 2015

According to the document, the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) commissioned this review of how theory of change is being used in order to learn from this growing area of practice. DFID has been working formally with theory of change in in its programming since 2010.

Aidan McGowan uploaded a new Document 24 November 2015

This document is a holistic approach to reforming the way projects employ youth savings programs. It focuses on the role of finance, and suggests that projects take the youth's financial habits into consideration when using these programs.

Aidan McGowan uploaded a new Document 4 November 2015

This document is the official handbook put out by the United Nations Development Group as a guide for practicing Results-Based Management. Although it's very long and detailed, it is a highly thorough guide that gives a full understanding of how to understand and implement RBM.

Aidan McGowan uploaded a new Document 9 October 2015

This in an Executive Summary about UNICEF's work on creating social protection systems that use a holistic, multi-sectoral approach. UNICEF believes that social protection is critical for all countries, and that it needs to be universal.

Mei Zegers uploaded a new Document 5 October 2015

The article describes what a "Theory of Change" is with some visual examples that will help develop a basic understanding. 

Alessio Lupi uploaded a new Document 15 September 2015

This resolution sets the background of initiatives and policies, in youth policy area, to be put in place by the UN in the coming years.

Alessio Lupi uploaded a new Document 15 September 2015

Investment in education and training for skills development is essential to boost growth and competitiveness: skills determine Europe's capacity to increase productivity. This documents issued by the EC is meant to provide guidelines for political action towards fostering youth inclusion.