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  1. Virtual classroom key takeaways

    DEVCO 04 organised its first virtual training in April 2020. The topic of this online event was “Logical Framework Approach and Indicators”, and it was a real success. Evaluations demonstrated that participants felt engaged throughout and that their expectations were met. Learn from this experience...
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  2. Our most popular stories of 2018

    Capacity4dev’s objective is to connect the development community. But while a lot of the activity on our platform happens in groups and communities of practice, did you know that we also have our very own magazine?
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  3. Tanzania: New Resistant Coffee Varieties Developed with EU Support

    As soon as the seedlings are ready for planting, women in brightly coloured clothes wrapped at the waist load the new disease resistant varieties of coffee seedlings into the back of a truck. Developed at the Tanzania Coffee Research Institute, these small plants promise to increase coffee...
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  4. Debating New Approaches to Learning for Development

    Development institutions are learning new ways to share knowledge. The traditional hierarchical model of training, in which information is passed down from teacher to student, or donor to recipient, is not always the most effective. Instead, partnerships are emerging through which experiences can...
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  5. Developing Europe’s Borders

    What does it take to bring together Israel and Palestine, or Armenia and Turkey? Despite geopolitical conflicts, local authorities from these historical foes are among those working together on Cross-Border Cooperation projects as part of the European Neighbourhood Policy. 
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  6. Building a European Identity in Development Cooperation

    What are the priorities of the Practitioners’ Network for European Development Cooperation? The group meets annually to discuss how to put aid policy into practice, and includes 13 member organisations who account for 70 per cent of the official development assistance of the European Union.
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  7. Big Data: Big Potential

    Imagine being able to gain information instantly about whether a development project is reaching its intended recipients, or where the next cholera outbreak might be, or track the fluctuating wealth of every district in Cote d’Ivoire. These are some of the possibilities of Big Data analysis, where...
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