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Women collecting wood Uganda
The health of Uganda’s wetlands impacts everything from the livelihoods of surrounding communities to rates of gender-based violence. The proper management of this unique ecosystem can help address root causes of conflict while empowering women at the same time.
Simone Muffolini posted an Idea 5 March 2018

Hello, I want to found a World Cultural Association, E.R.M.A. (European Rural, World Associations), to create this blessed institution, the president serves as the secretary and a counselor.

United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment) posted Information 22 November 2017

Environmental Crime Threatens Europe’s Last Pristine Forests and Iconic Wildlife


United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment) uploaded a new Document 4 September 2017

The present document is aimed at supporting and enhancing a better understanding of seven key biodiversity conventions.

Anjana Varma uploaded a new Document 21 July 2017

A fachsheet describing achievements under Phase 2 of the ACP MEAs programme. 

11 July 2017 to 13 July 2017
in Cobija (Bolivia)
Organised byProyecto IAPA - Visión Amazónica

La integración de los derechos de los actores sociales conduce a formas más justas de compartir los costos y beneficios de las áreas protegidas.

Proyecto IAPA uploaded a new Document 6 May 2017

The Amazon is home to the largest expanse of tropical rain forest remaining on Earth, with great biological diversity– 5 out of the 9 countries with territories in the Amazon are considered mega-diverse according to United Nations1 -.

Proyecto IAPA uploaded a new Document 6 May 2017

El apoyo a la Declaración de la REDPARQUES y la Decisión de la CDB en la Conferencia de las Partes, COP 13, es una contribución del Proyecto IAPA que posiciona el trabajo con las áreas protegidas en escenarios internacionales de alto nivel, lo muestra como una práctica relevante para el mundo y r